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Please note when reading the FAQ: an 'advertisement' refers to an Instagram Shout-Out, a Twitter tweet, a Facebook share, and a YouTube advertisement campaign.

Do I have the means to join the interactions once my campaign is out?

Certainly, and we highly encourage you to do so. As an advertiser, you play a huge role in this campaign. While our vendors can help you get the word out regarding your business and the products/services that it offers, it helps if followers are able to identify you as the business owner in these interactions. Being able to answer questions from your potential customers shows sincerity and professionalism and increases the likelihood for customer conversion.

Does the size of my advertising campaign matter if I want to avail of your services?

Definitely not! Whether you wish to do a long-term Facebook sharing campaign, or a one-time Instagram shoutout, it does not matter with us. MediaPhantom offers flexible and customized advertisement options so we can tailor-fit our services to your campaign goals and vice-versa.

What does it mean when you say advertisement?

An advertisement refers to a social media campaign or message that you'd like us to get out for you. An advertisement can come in the form of a Twitter Tweet, Facebook share, Instagram shoutout or a Youtube advertisement.

How much traffic do I get from availing your services?

While we cannot guarantee the amount of traffic your website or any indicated link will receive from the Facebook shares, tweets, shoutouts and advertisements, we can guarantee you that our vendors have huge and engaged following. In order to generate more traffic, we advise you to create engaging contents and provide high-quality photos for these campaigns. Traffic is also influenced by the number of the vendor's followers and time of day the campaign was posted. Should you want to measure the traffic your business is getting through these efforts, you can use third-party tools from the internet such as Google Analytics.

How soon are you able to post the advertisement once I've made my payment?

We always try to post your advertisements as soon as possible. However, some vendors may have a considerable queue of orders, so we always follow that queue to be fair with other advertisers as well. Our general rule is to stick to the 48-hour time frame, but we may be able to post your advertisement much sooner.

Where do I write the content of my advertisement and upload its accompanying picture?

You will indicate a username and password during the process of ordering, and you will use this log in details in order to enter our website. Upon logging in, you will find the page where you will write the instructions of your advertisement and upload the picture. We encourage you to create engaging contents and use high-quality photos in order to effectively spark interaction among the followers.

How do I pay for your services?

We use Paypal to make sure all payment transactions are secured and legal, providing you as much security as ours. You have the option to use your Paypal funds or a credit card in order to pay for our services. Have a question not covered in the FAQ page? Send us an email at the "Contact" page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.