Vendor Benefits

Why become a vendor?

If you are looking to monetize your social media page, Media Phantom offers a wide range of benefits that can help you instantly turn a profit. With out service, users can log on to our website and purchase an advertising spot on on your social media page. To find out more about how our vendors program works, click on the image to the right.

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We do all of the marketing

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By becoming a vendor, you won't have to worry about marketing or telling others about your services, we do all of the ground work.

We are currently accepting vendor applications from whom are willing to get paid for publishing advertisement(s) on their own popular Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube accounts.

Before approving applications, we must first review them prior to providing a vendor account with login details. However, once it's approved the vendor can then begin making money by publishing advertisements from our customers' order requests, sometimes within a matter of hours.

customers interaction

The process of making money with us is simple

benefit vendor

The process is simple, we receive an order from a customer, we will then review it, and if it is approved (provided that it follows our guidelines) we will forward the order details to the vendor, which will include of their preferred picture, textual content and links. When order details are sent to the vendor's account, they may also receive an email notification.

Once the order is fulfilled, we will keep 30% of the commission, and the remaining 70% will forward to the vendor's account balance. Vendors may then withdraw the account balance funds either to their PayPal account or bank account.

By doing business with us, vendors won't have to worry about setting up their own website, marketing their services, as we do all of the hard work.

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There are no obligation to publish advertisement(s) that vendor don't deem fit

If vendors deem that the advertisement is not suitable for publication on their social media page, they can simply refuse it, where the customer will receive a refund. Or if a simple change needs to be made, you may advise us as to what needs to be changed, and we can review it with the customer to advise them of the required changes.